Gross & Co. Solicitors – Corporate Sponsors

July 11, 2008


Thank You

July 11, 2008

Support For Africa, Patti Boulaye and I would like to say a huge thank you to Bury St Edmunds based solicitors, Gross & Co. I approached partner, Jonathan Cobbold this week with a view to seeking corporate sponsorship for B2B. He agreed immediately.

Jonathan and I are both commercial solicitors. We have always been on opposite sides of transactions but we have been friends and best of professional pals for many years.

Jonathan said that it was a fantastic cause to support and berated me at the same time for having such a barking idea! Typical Jonathan, who always has boundless enthusiasm and energy! I suspect he is a little jealous. A keen hiker, I have not told him yet about my plans to climb Kilimanjaro next year. 

Gross & Co. Solicitors are a general legal practice providing a full range of services to businesses and individuals alike. Gross & Co. is also one of the country’s leading business immigration practices with celebrity clients including world famous golfers, footballers etc.