August 15, 2008

What is it with society today? Is it something to do with instantaneous communication where transmitted messages can be discarded with similar ease and people move unceaselessly on?

I come from a culture in which it is considered polite to at least acknowledge receipt of correspondence, if rejecting at the same time its substance rather than simply ignoring it.

I would say that approximately 5% of my communication have been acknowledged and less in Korea. M


Fund Raising Frustrations

July 5, 2008

When there are so many good causes around and so much inherent apathy, it is not easy, without direct face to face contact with people, to persuade them to part with their well earned cash. M

Assistance from Croatia

July 4, 2008

Whilst I have not been, I understand Croatia to be an amazing and wonderful place. I adored Goran Invanisevic, former Wimbledon Champion. His temper was fragile but his game was on occasion, mesmeric. 

I also have some affection for the national football team too, despite them having knocked out England from qualifying for the EURO 2008 Championships. They play football in the spirit of the game unlike those highly paid English prima donnas (Rooney and Hargreaves excepted).

However, most notably I would like to thank Mandalina Stricevic for joining B2B to help with fund raising in the UK. Her work has been magnificent and has truly pricked my conscience as I have a propensity on occasions for being a little lazy. M