Fourth Century

I completed my fourth century ride since I had my bike shipped over from the UK at the end of May yesterday. I have upped my training miles. 70s and 80s are now mere jaunts.

I had decided to go on what I thought would be a fairly flat route. It looked flat on the map anyway. It actually involved one kilometer of verticial climbing which I suppose is not that much when it is broken down over the total distance. 

The ride was easy enough and I completed it in just under six hours. I did have a couple of breaks, the first at 47 miles and the second at 65 miles. I am only able to carry one banana, two energy gels and a total of 1.5 litres of drink stuffed variously into my cycling jersey or onto my bike.

It was not particularly pleasant either. The majority of the route was on dual carriageway and there was a lot of fast moving traffic. I keep my iPod on loud to prevent me from hearing or getting paranoid about what is coming from behind.

The highlight of the ride was a five mile stretch a few miles north of Yangpyeong (a name reversal of the North Korean capital city, Pyeongyang) alongside the Han River. I cycled along a raise roadway and to the west, the river, flat as a mill pond, looked serene and tranquil. The backdrop was punctuated by dramatic mountains rising steeply covered in lush green pine and acer.

I completed the ride comfortably but my big toes were killing me from my new and probably slightly small cycling shoes. The pain in the outside of my left foot also persists.

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