More Training

Now that the wet monsoon season seems to be coming to an end and the weather is much better, I have been upping the volume of my training.

On Sunday, I climbed Cheonggeysan with an ajoshi friend of mine. It is about a three hour round trip. He is maybe 5’7″ tall and weighs over 30kg less than me. It has been his stated aim to climb a mountain every Sunday for the last thirty years.

It has been several months since I have done any hiking whatsoever and my hiking fitness is not at its best. With his significant weight advantage and regular training, Seong gyu is incredibly fit.

He jauntily made his way up the 2,000 foot climb, gazelle like, with incredible ease. I followed behind, hoping for an end to the pain and very much out of breath.

He was however power assisted. He let out the most smelly ‘old man’ farts every couple of minutes or so the whole way up.

I was trapped. I could not overtake and the path was too narrow to walk to the side of him. That I was breathing so heavily meant that I was inhaling more of his pungent gases than would otherwise be the case. M

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