Korean Logic

Another one for the Korean racist / emotional logic archive. Yesterday, I was traversing a pedestrian crossing with my girlfriend near where I live. One has to be careful in Korea as Koreans can only walk diagonally. Koreans must have some crab genes in them.

As I was crossing, a Korean girl in her mid twenties, walked ‘diagonally’ across me and in so doing, became entangled in my right foot nearly tripping herself up.

Normally, I would leave my foot ‘out there’ to maximise damage but yesterday I was not thinking and there was no intent. My mind was preoccupied with the idiocy of Korean Immigration.

As the Korean recovered from her stumble she rounded on me haranguing me for being rude. I informed her that walking across anyone’s path without excusing oneself was actually rather rude.

She informed me that this was Korea. I actually already knew that. She then told me that it was not America. I already knew that as well because I was born in Great Britain and have lived there for most of my life.

I then proceeded to point at the Manchester United shirt I was wearing at the time and told her that I was from a better country than Korea (most countries are including the DRNK and Japan). Not wishing to antagonise an already tricky international incident further, my valedictory words were ‘Fuck off moron’.

She took her leave but as I waited for a taxi with my girlfriend, she came back for another go which was admittedly quite plucky of her as she was only a little taller than a midget. Two more fuck offs and the finger probably forged her decision to capitulate (as most Koreans do in the face of any international threat).

I do not understand how she perceived that her original act was not rude. That she immediately rationalised this minor incident on racial grounds is worrying but probably symptomatic of some of the problems of this society as a whole. My girlfriend however is Korean and delightful.

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