Good Samaritan

I did a short 20 mile training ride to Gwacheon on Saturday evening. It had rained overnight. I did high cadence invervals on the way there.

On the way back, I decided to some speed intervals. I had just completed my first two minute interval and was taking a one minute breather before the next interval. I passed a Korean runner at maybe 20mph and nearly negotiated a slight kink in the road.

My back wheel slid from under me and I slid on my left leg, arse, left shoulder and left elbow on the road with bike still attached into some undergrowth. I did not appreciate that the path was greasy. The torrential overnight rain had combined with the dirt to form a somewhat slick surface on the path.

Still sprawled in the undergrowth bleeding and road burnt, the Korean runner jogged past and did not even look at me. Korea is a largely Christian society.

A minute later another Korean ran up to me and asked in English if I was ok. He took one look at me – and I looked worse than I felt – and recommended that I get patched up. And I duly sough medical attention.

My one regret was that, in the process of my third ‘accident’ in five weeks, was that I was not able to take some Koreans down. M

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