Toilet Rolls and Crazy Korean drivers

Human life is about as important as toilet rolls to Korean drivers, actually a little less. An Opirus is a crap, ugly sedan car. Like most Korean middle ranking executive cars, Opiri (I assume that is the Latin plural), are quite fast in a straight line but cannot turn corners. Koreans are also incapable of driving manual cars, hence these cars are effectively powerful go-karts, aka executive instruments of death.

I was walking back from the supermarket yesterday with my girlfriend. Seemingly, you can only buy toilet rolls in bulk here and I was carrying a bag of some forty eight toilet rolls in my right hand. The street on which I live is wide enough for one car only to pass and it is lined with children playing. It is some 200 meters long.

An Opirus driver ‘floored it’ at one end of the street in a pointless exercise to save approximately two seconds of time before having to brake fiercely at the other end. He honked for my girlfriend and I to get out of the way. I did not yield. I threw the toilet rolls at his windscreen. He stopped. He did not get out because I was wearing my Great Britain T-shirt and he is a pussy. I would have been deported if the shoe were on the other foot. M

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