Gymnasium Protocol

Gynasium and health club protocol is somewhat different in Korea from that in the United Kingdom. I do not consider myself to be particularly prudish but Korean men seemingly have no shame.

The changing rooms at my local gym comprise a fairly small rectangular space. When I shower, I tend to cover discreetly my nether regions. I do not try to make a game out of trying to suspend my towel from my appendage. Towels are about a third of the size they are in England.

I had showered and walked back to my locker. I was changing prudently and hastily as is my wont. A Korean man, stark bollock naked, arrived at the locker adjacent to mine. I could see in my peripheral vision that my locker room pal was sending a text with one hand. With the other he was caressing his bollocks completely in time with the motion of his ‘texting hand’.

I turned round. The opposite wall is adorned with a long mirror in front of which one can pose and flex one’s muscles. However, that is not its primary purpose. There is a shelf in front of the mirror containing sinks and colognes and hair driers.

The shelf, I know now, is in order that one can put one foot on it to part one’s legs. Apparently this is the ideal position in which to dry one’s pubic hair with the hair drier provided. I can read Korean but I cannot understand most it. I assume there is a prefix on the hair drier which reads ‘pubic’ as most men dry their hair with towels! I also assume that these are the same ‘Samsung’ hair driers which are exported to the United Kingdom without the prefix. M

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