Mountain Bikers on the flat

Why is it that when you have a decent road bike and are a foreigner, Koreans try to take you on. I am quite proud of the fact that I have only once been overtaken by a Korean. And that was on a mountain. And that guy probably had a 30kg weight advantage on me.


Last week, I was doing a 40 mile recovery ride coming back from Yeouido past the National Assembly. I was pretty tired after cycling up Namhansanseong mountain the day before. This guy on his mountain bike ( I hate mountain bikes) overtook me going flat out. Koreans tend to have short little legs which amuses me. I drafted him for a bit and then overtook him. He came back at me and overtook me again. I let him go. Five minutes later I passed him. He was off his bike – knackered! M

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