Apology and American Beef

I extend my apologies for my apparent anti-Korean invective! I can be an aggressive road user but I am not in the same league as the majority of Korean motorists.

Most Korean cyclists are just incredibly myopic and stupid. They draw attention to those facts through their unspeakably garish apparel and that they go round in herds: Look at us. We are morons!

Please note that this ‘anti-Koreanness’ extends largely only to road users. I have only been hit by three cars in four weeks. I have probably hit more cars than that, deliberately.

Actually, the term ‘road user’ is slightly inaccurate as cars, buses and motorbikes frequently drive on the pavement presumably to save time.

Said stories will be balanced by more flattering stories of this wonderful race in due course. Those who know me may imagine me to be sarcastic or tongue in cheek. I am not being so. I have had many fantastic experiences here. It is just that the Koreans have some rather strange idiosyncracies.

It is however a good idea not to mention American beef here at the moment. The whole country is up in arms due to the their government’s [logical] decision to ease the ban on the import of American beef.

Despite the fact that there has only been one reported case of BSE in the States in the last four or five years, Koreans believe that every cow emanating from the USA is riddled with BSE.

I believe that said one errant cow which lived on a small farm in Wisconsin is now dead. Notwithstanding that one dead cow 50,000 Koreans demonstrated about the dangers of US beef in Seoul yesterday. M

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